About Cynapsis

Patented novel solution that would allow data breaches to become a thing of the past.

Our patented technologies for protecting digital assets include environmental awareness, dynamic enciphering, and keyless protection (among many others), and they are integrated into our product suite, unlike any other solutions we are aware of in the market today.

To put the problem we solve in perspective, Cybersecurity Ventures reported $6T in cybersecurity damages in 2017 alone.  In addition, a perpetual market problem is that each “new” security technology most often results in a slightly different flavor of the existing failed approaches which focus on protecting the collection or container of files and data.  Once the container is breached, all the digital assets within it are free for the taking.  Similar risks exist for traditional encryption where keys can be hacked, and decrypted files stored on disk.

Our approach is different.  We’ve changed the focus of security to center on protecting each individual digital asset and have completely transformed how access credentials are defined and evaluated – eliminating credentials that can be stolen, or even willingly provided to any unauthorized user.  

Website: https://cynapsis.co/

Business Lifecycle Stage: Seed and Development


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