About FitMyLife

Hyper-Personalized Health-Data Driven Fitness Application for Unique Health & Fitness Goals

FitMyLife Health Analytics Inc. got established at the end of 2016 with a vision to transform the health of individuals by identifying what works explicitly for their unique body composition and metabolism and providing the right tools and techniques to achieve their personal fitness goals. Our product is available on the Apple Store worldwide with a free and premium subscription model, and our headquarter is in Toronto. Currently, we have employees who are across Toronto, Edmonton, India, and Albania.

The power of health-data analysis gives way to predictive and prescriptive analysis. Our fitness app, FitMyLife, tries to model a user’s unique metabolism based on the information received and the health data gathered to provide personalized workout and nutrition programs unique to that person so they can achieve their personal fitness goals. The more the person uses it, the more optimized the programs become over time. 

Everyone has a unique body composition and metabolism, so there is a need for a hyper-personalized solution. Data analytics embedded in our product makes it different from all the other competitors. Everyone has different goals and hence requirements, so the key is the fitness programs have to be driven by health data and have to continually adapt to how people are doing and progressing and perform predictive analysis as well. Providing recommendations to get back on track when a user digresses is also a feature we offer. We aim to be one of the few leaders in this space.

FitMyLife is more than just a fitness app or a calorie counter. It syncs with your Apple Health and gathers your complete history to understands your specific health and fitness needs. Over time it aims to transform from an app you use to a guide to your unique metabolism. FitMyLife tries to understand how your body works, i.e., how it processes food and which exercises work best. With FitMyLife, you can track your daily activity and diet. You receive a workout and nutrition program designed by nutritionists and trainers tailored to your specific goal and lifestyle. FitMyLife identifies the dominant factors holding you back from meeting your goal and provides strategies and recommendations to get back on track.

Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or improve your overall health, we instantly match you to the best nutrition and workout programs. Follow daily recommendations to stay on track and get an insider view of your metabolism. FitMyLife shows you the types of macronutrients and exercises that cause you to make changes in your weight, muscle mass, and body fat. We show you how your body composition will change over time and display your metabolic fingerprint. These features allow you to adjust your diet and exercise to achieve your goals better.

Website: www.fitmylife.com

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