Good Startup Scorecard

What elements should the scorecard involve for evaluating startups?

1. Team (20 Points):
a) Founder’s passion and knowledge
b) Appropriately reward and punishment policy
c) Strengths and weakness of team

2. Pain and Solution (20 Points):
a) Effective problem-addressing system
b) Logical and scalable solution
c) How they improvement and development

3. The Market (20 Points)
a) Real market and clients of their product
b) Product pricing (Acceptable/Profitable/Scalable)

4. The Customers (20 Points):
a) Understand and meet Customers demand
b) Do they have a logical growth plan and customer acquisition?

5. Competition (10 Points):
a) How they identified their competition?
b) Advantages and disadvantages over competitor.

6. Business Plan (10 Points):
a) A viable and profitable business plan
b) Realistic costs and expense
c) Their current strategy and future trends