About Phyxable

Phyxable is an end-to-end virtual physical therapy platform.


The big picture for Phyxable is to become a Market Network (think Houzz for physical & mental well being).  There are 3 main dominant players that service and support patients.   

The corporation joins our network for the self-health content, on demand 1on1 virtual care and employee engagement data.

The practitioner provides us with the 1on1 virtual service, allows us to bill those session with insurance companies, create self-health solutions in our marketplace and bring on their own patients online, where Phyxable technologies can add more value and convenience to their practice.

The insurers pay for our the patients 1on1 service. The insurance companies and brokers allow our 1on1 virtual service to exist, and we allow easy access to directly refer their clients to our platform as a preferred provider. We provide them a added value in their insurance plans by reducing overall spend and increase serviceable region, and bottom line better trackable care. 

At the end of the day, the patient (your family and mine) will be recipients of this extremely high level of care, engagement, and provider feedback that has never been done effectively before.   

Within our network, every time we gain a network node, we create exponential value for the other nodes involved.  Everything that we creatively explore, build, and sell are based on this premise.  Everyone wins within this model.

This market network is something I have personally been working on for the past 11 years while I have created clinics, worked for the insurance side and selling to corporations.  

This round of funding is to support our hypothesis which has been validated and exponentially amplified during  this crisis.  We have an opportunity right now to aggressively solidify future contracts and become the category winner in this industry.  This is a tried, tested and true industry that affects everyone of us and our families, but has been put on its back with over 85% closures of clinics due to the crisis. The biggest brick and mortar competitors have nowhere near the complexity and advancement of our technology and business plan.  

We have essentially been presented with a silver spoon during this dark age. Companies like Phyxable are forged during economic disasters just like this, while new categories are created and changes the world forever.   It is  our duty to shine during these dark times; to triumph and to succeed.  If this is something you are passionate about, then let’s have a meaning conversation on how we can grow together.  

Dr. Jim

Website: phyxable.com

Business Lifecycle Stage: Growth and Establishment


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